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Stehekin, Washington on Lake Chelan in the North Cascades National Park



Stehekin, Washington I Stehekin Webcam

Enjoy your stay in Stehekin. We're glad you came and are happy to help make your time here and traveling to and from Stehekin enjoyable. Stehekin Washington has many great things to do while visiting here. There are fantastic lodges and ranches with horseback riding, rustic accommodations and the beauty of the North Cascade National Park. You can spend a weekend a week or the whole summer in Stehekin and hardly know the outside world exists. Lake Chelan is cold and clear and has abundant fish in it for great fishing. You can also fish trout in the Stehekin River. Enjoy a scenic floatplane ride with Chelan Seaplanes and an incredible cruise on the Lady of the Lake to/from Stehekin and Chelan. You can also do a fly/ride combo.

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